Our Food and Sausage making course Southampton Hampshire.

Our Food is simply the best!  When we started operating our Hog Roast and BBQ company in Southampton, Hampshire we found that there were certain cuts of pork we were left over with.


Having two close friends as butchers they gave us the working knowledge on how to create a perfect sausage, burger, dry cured bacon and with a twist we created our own!

We now create and sell our own Sausages in a variety of flavours, Lean Mince and Hampshire Champion Faggots all created by hand so we have quality control from start to finish. EVEN MY NAN LOVES GETTING STUCK IN! img_2844

WE ARE A FIRM BELIEVER IN FAMILY.. .  A FAMILY BUSINESS FOR FAMILY CUSTOMERS.  We love to work with people and offer great produce for families.  Knowing what you are feeding your loved ones is such a hard thing nowadays..Complicated labelling, questions unanswered etc!

With us we make it simple!  Were small, local and competitive and always on hand to answer questions.

On a Slimming Plan?/Gluten Free options; WE SELL!

We also offer a reduced fat plan section and gluten free sausages and mince with sausages, Beef Mince, Reduced fat pork mince and burgers.  My wife was part of a local slimming plan but didn’t like their meat product options.

She then set me to work on fixing a recipe to fit in with her plan.

We have now had our reduced fat products tested and on the Slimming world plan equate too.

3 Syns per pack

The reduced fat sausages also come in a variety of flavours which include slimming world free foods like Marmite, Fresh Leek, Smoked Paprika!  WE CANT RATE THESE HIGHLY ENOUGH!   img_2848      img_2869

Sausage Making Courses – Southampton, Hampshire.

WE KEEP OUR OWN PIGS! – if your lucky you’ll get to see our pigs in their environment.  We have expert knowledge from start to finish of the full cycle from animal to plate.

NOW offer sausage making course Hampshire in our newly fitted kitchen.img_1930img_2866

We will teach you everything you need to know including the facts about sausages, what goes into them, recipes, pork content and what the supermarkets getaway with!

If you live anywhere near to;

Sausage making course Winchester, sausage making course Southampton, sausage making course Hampshire, Sausage making course Portsmouth, sausage making course Salisbury or just outside please give us an enquiry!